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Hydraulic Services

Helicopter Accessory Service, Inc.  (HAS) specializes in maintenance services for hydraulic accessories fitted to Bell, Sikorsky, and Eurocopter helicopters including servos, pumps, dampers, valves and filter units.  We also offer overhaul, exchange, rework, and spare parts sales. Services are provided from three strategically located facilities, all of which are FAA, EASA approved.

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Helicopter Accessory Service
10985 Penrose Street
Sun Valley, CA 91352
818-767-2699 (FAX)
FAA/EASA Repair Station

Manny Luna

manny@hasca.com, www.hasca.com


Helicopter Accessory Service East, Inc. 
10102 Aileron Avenue
Pensacola, Florida  32506
850-456-5117  (FAX)
FAA Repair Station

Paul Deichelbor

paul@hase-fl.com, www.hase-fl.com


Helicopter Accessory Service Canada, Ltd.
6258 202nd Street
Langley, B.C.- Canada V2Y 1N2
604-533-6611 (FAX)
EASA Repair Station

John Boyko

hascanada@aol.com, www.hassla.com